• TAP is a product designed and manufactured in Italy!

    Realization Times: 5 working days.


For a successful print performance, if it is a photograph it is good that it is in original size, if it is a drawing you have to have the height of cm. 12.5 for the “large” and cm pocket. 8.5 for the “small” pocket.

We will position the printing by centering the main subject as in the following examples:

Beware of choosing the photo! However, you will be warned in advance for non-conforming images, too decentralized, or without the necessary space (see examples below)


Place the “TAP” at the chosen point (avoid areas with stitches, studs, and objects that can cause disturbances), then use some pins to avoid unwanted movements (remember to remove them before fixing the TAP with iron to avoid possible burns to hot pins).


a) Remove siliconized paper (cream color).
b) Position the back of the TAP with the thermo adhesive film on the fabric at the point where it is to be glued.
c) Apply a strong pressure to the maximum temperature for at least 20-25 seconds (NO VAPOR!).
d) In extreme cases, it is always possible to use needle and thread !!!
Since the glueing material tends to migrate to the heat source, we recommend applying heat to the fabric to which the “TAP” is to be glued, rather than “TAP”. Protect the printing by placing a baking sheet underneath the “TAP” (see)

Thermobaxes get its maximum gluing power only 48 hours after application.
It is therefore advisable not to wash your head before washing it.

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